Arkan was created in May 2005 by Foued Moukid (former member of The Old Dead Tree). The members of the band : Sarah Layssac (Vox), Florent Jannier (Ryth. Guit. & growls), Samir Remila (Bass), Mus El Kamal (Lead Guit.).
They quickly release their first autoproduced MCD : Burning Flesh: a concentrate of violence, twenty minutes of pure Death Metal mixed with Chahbi and other Eastern moods.

For several months, the band climbed on stage to promote its 1st opus with many bands (Decapitated, Dagoba, No Return, Hacride…) at various venues. Hard work which convinced Season Of Mist to sign the band.
During this time, Arkan were preparing its first album, Hilal, pushing the elements of Burning Flesh forward: metal riffs with Arabic moodswith more aggressive parts, more exotic atmospheric climax, careful integration of oriental instruments (Oûd, Mandola, Derbouka, Bendir, Cajon, Tabla, Bouzouki), traditional oriental male and female voices. The album Hilal was produced by Fredrik Nordström and mastered at Hansen Studio by Jacob Hansen.

It displays a sharp production, skillfully showing off the different colors and moods of the work.followed by a promotional tour with Septicflesh on the Communion Tour in 2009. Back from a second tour with Orphaned Land in May 2010 across France and Europe, the band prepared its next album. Arkan decided to record Salam with their favourite producer Fredrik Nordström where the band keeps on expanding its unique style of heavy riffing and oriental enlightment.
On 2011, the band released this 2nd album with Season Of Mist and traveled throughout Europe for a month and a half to defend every night its album in two major European tours headlined by two prestigious bands, Orphaned Land and Arch Enemy!

2013, Arkan returned to Studio Fredman to record Sofia which marks a new milestone in the Arkan universe : the songwriting is refined focused on the melodies. The richness of the atmosphere is even more delicate always in the harmony of the crossover of metal and oriental culture and pushed forward by the mesmerizing leading vocals of Sarah.

2014, Arkan released "Sofia", album recorded in Studio Fredman which marks a new milestone in the Arkan universe.

2016, Sarah which is also actress leaves Arkan to devote herself to her carreer. Manuel Munoz (The Old Dead Tree) join the band in april.
The band has released its fourth album "Kelem" this november.

  1. Dusk to dawn
  2. Shameless lies
  3. Black decade
  4. Broken existences
  5. Crawl
  6. Surrounded
  7. Burning marks
  8. My son
  9. Remembrance
  10. Seed of war
  11. Relapse
  12. Resilience
Lila H - 2020
  1. Kafi
  2. Nour
  3. The Call
  4. Cub of the Caliphate
  5. Erhal
  6. Eib
  7. Just a Lie
  8. Beyond the Wall
  9. Capital City Burns
  10. As Slave
  11. Jasmine Harvest
  12. Ray of Hope II
Kelem - 2016 (Overpowered Records)
  1. Hayati
  2. My Reverence
  3. March of Sorrow
  4. Leaving Us
  5. Soiled Dreams
  6. Deafening Silence
  7. Endless Way
  8. Wingless Angel
  9. Beauty Asleep
  10. Scar of Sadness
  11. Cold Night's Dream
  12. Dark Epilogue
Sofia - 2014 (Season of Mist)
  1. Origins
  2. Inner Slaves
  3. Deus Vult(feat. Kobi Farhi)
  4. Blind Devotion
  5. Jerusalem - Sufferpolis
  6. Beyond Sacred Rules
  7. Common Ground
  8. Sweet Opium
  9. Salam
  10. Call From Within
  11. Lightened Heart
  12. The Eight Doors Of Jannah
  13. Amaloun Jadid II
Salam - 2011 (Season of Mist)
  1. Groans of the Abyss
  2. Lords Decline
  3. Mistress of the Damned Souls
  4. LammaBada
  5. Tied Fates
  6. The SevenGates
  7. Athaoura
  8. Chaos Cypher
  9. Defying the Idols
  10. El Houdou
  11. Native Order
  12. Amaloun Jadid
Hilal - 2008 (Season of Mist)
  1. Burning Flesh
  2. Roots of despair
  3. Desert Lament
  4. The Way of the Cross
  5. Fateful Night
  6. Ray Of Hope
Burning Flesh - 2006 (EP)
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